image/svg+xml Your NLP partner We can enrich your Software with advanced NLP processing Text generation Produce text from data:Explain its content with textual information Text Analysis Extract semanticinformation from text Prosodic speech Generate speech with intonation, tone, stress, and rhythm to be more user friendly Text Summarization Perform single and/ormulti document summarization Text Simplification Adapt text to user needs - Elderly people - Disabled - Children Solutions Data Mining is the new source of information for Business Management but, data is only 20% of company's information. The remaining 80% is textYou don't want to miss that knowledge! Consulting Services We can help your staff to improve the language processing in your company. Training Services Let's put your staff up to date with the latest technologies in language processing. Supervision Services Let's check your current language processing tools and give you new insights How can help your Company?