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TALN Group

To improve the communication between humans and computers using natural language technologies

To become one of the world leading research institutions in the field of Natural Language Processing for a representative set of European languages, in both directions: analysis of written material and its generation. Offer to the community high quality tools with broad coverage for the analysis, generation and summarization of natural language.

Perform rigorous and high quality research that brings added value to the society by means of technology transfer and training of researchers.

 Quality system

The TALN group is committed to quality. We aim to be a group that companies can rely on. Even if a scientific group is not managed as a factory, it must ensure high quality output in order to be able to be at the cutting edge of research and technology development and  continue growing.

The quality documentation is divided into different parts, the ISO9001 documentation includes all the procedures and metrics needed to analyse, plan, implement and evaluate the group activity.  But then the day to day implementation of what has been designed is displayed in different parts: each project will hold its own data ( but as specified in the norm),  the training will be based on what has been designed, etc. Wiki links will allow to have everything in different places but connected when needed.

  •  Welcome and training: Here the is all the information for newcomers and the training plans . During the year there will be some group meeting and seminars,  mos of the materials produced will be available here

  • TALN quality assurance: Information on the TALN quality assurance system based on ISO9001  can be found starting here: ISO 9001


  • Projects Internal information about current and past projects: For each project there is a card with all the metadata but also all the documetation and resources generated during the project. For current projects information and track of the project development to check that they are in concordance with the quality proceduresProjects List please read the Projects Management Guide for instructions on how to fill and manage the project data.


 About This wiki: Some pages that explain how the wiki is organised, the facicilities we use, some customisations done and the way to manage and operate it. Some of the pages will be also linked in specific places.


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